How I discovered Zwift

My Computrainer was damaged when my basement flooded this September. Since Computrainers are no longer made I decided to replace it with a Wahoo Kickr Snap ; a decision I’ll cover in the next post about equipment. It was during the research on smart trainers that I learned about Zwift and the rest is history.

While Zwift is new to me, smart trainers are not as I founded and operated for several years in the early 2000s. offered a large catalog of virtual courses and performance files to race against for Computrainer users. It also hosted “asynchronous” time trial series where users uploaded their performance files with the winner of the series being the rider with the lowest overall time.

Good times those were!

Anyway, I left virtual cycling for many years after becoming addicted to sim (auto) racing but now I’m back and am starting this blog to mainly document my adventures in getting back into cycling and fitness in case others find it useful in some way.

Next post will be on my equipment and initial experiences with Zwift.


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