Training – Untrained ==> Trained

My plan is to begin with one-hour fairly strict zone 2 sessions. This is mainly because I originally came out of the gate a little too fast and began seeing warning signs that my body was not recovering adequately and that last thing I want to do is ruin my fun by overtraining, especially since I have no need to straddle the fence since I am only going for general fitness and, coming from an untrained state, there is nowhere to go but up.

If I can do that for a week or two without problems then I’ll sprinkle some Zone 3 in for fun.

During the rides, my plan is to watch power, heart rate and cadence.

I’m going to start by staying below 140bpm and watching cadence vs power.

The Kickr Snap is interesting because (add this to the initial impressions post) the flywheel wants to keep going so there is lag during transitions in elevation. I actually like this a lot even though I’m still getting used to it. My instinct to anticipate shifts is still very strong.

Anyway, the smoothness is great, especially when combined with monitoring cadence, power and heart rate. Everyhing just very smooth and engaging. (move much of this to previous post)

So, so far so good! Average heart rate from last workout was in the 130s with power vs cadence and transition lag all making for an excellent workout. I am going to continue setting strict limits to keep myself in check.


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