Zwift First Impressions

Initial Zwift Impressions

Bottom line = Wow. By far, the biggest surprise is how time flies. There are a number of things I like to do periodically on the bike when I ride indoors. For example, I like to get out of the saddle periodically to release pressure or make sure I’m drinking periodically or to stretch or…hell…to just calibrate my Kickr after a 10 minute warm up.

This is a very good problem to have and I couldn’t be happier to set an external timer to remind myself of things. Really insane considering that with my Computrainer all I did was stare at numbers.

I find myself completely missing all of these because I’m simply not paying attention. Time and numbers is literally ALL I’d pay attention to on my Computrainer but with Zwift I’m simply…distracted? That’s sounds to negative. Immersed is too positive. Whatever the reason, it’s a very good thing.

Regarding the overall “thing” that Zwift is…well…I’m still discovering that. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m probably going to mostly be just riding independently and just enjoying that others are doing the same thing around me, drafting others a bit for fun, allowing others to draft me, letting myself be scared that the volcano will erupt or that I could fall into the lava if I don’t concentrate, etc.

But when I get into better shape (I am starting out, for all practicel purposes, untrained) I will surely be FTP testing, albeit mostly for purposes of group workouts.

Overall, Zwift seems to be hitting a major sweetspot for me as someone who is cycling for general fitness. The motivation to get stronger so that I’ll have more people to ride with perfectly aligns with my general fitness goal.

And almost none of the current challenges apply to me.

Drafting is not accurate? I don’t care. It’s still fun.

People are cheating? I don’t care. I’ll still chase them. And does it matter whether they are fast in real life? Not to me. Totally arbitrary in my book. If they’re fast in Zwift, they’re fast in Zwift. If they’re too fast for me in Zwift then they’re too fast for me in Zwift. If they’re slower than me IRL but as fast as me in Zwift, then I can ride with them!

Any serious racing I do I’ll do outside. Winter is for base/build anyway, right?

Next post will be about my training.


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