Training plan is shaping up

After more than ten years (mostly) off the bike and never having trained with power, I’ve immersed myself in power-based training concepts over the last several weeks and wanted to document what I’ve gathered so far.

But first, I should restate my goals which are…

  1. avoid injury, illness or burnout
  2. lose weight
  3. general fitness / energy
  4. have more fun on the bike, including ability to climb and keep up with group rides
  5. geek out on metrics and science

Avoiding injury / Chasing RECOVERY metrics

– Interval performance
– Mood, drive, sleep, appetite, energy
– Cortisol affect on sleep

Structure = Sweet spot base as STARTING POINT

– Responses to training are largely PERSONAL
– Can keep it simple
– Sweet spot training allows faster recovery = More intervals, less time between sessions
– Let INTERVAL PERFORMANCE guide adjustments

Diet = Don’t need carbs for aerobic work but PEOPLE DIFFER so if IMPROVES PERFORMANCE then carbs before MIGHT be good idea

Cross training

– Rowing machine
– Yoga / PT
– Strength training
– Stair climbing
– Out of the saddle (short / moderate only, like in Mount Field ; NOT specialization)
– Finanical, minimize stress/chaos, etc to keep everything in balance

Monitor, monitor, monitor

– Pay attention to mood, etc.
– WATCH vs track in detail food eaten, RHR, etc. ==> Don’t OVERDO it
– Remember you are a cyclist so consider what you put in your body, when you sleep, etc.
– BUT don’t sacrifice too much and remember why you are doing this


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